Relationships Are Currency.

Relationships Are Currency.

Relationships Are Currency.

It’s not the number of contacts you make that’s important, but the ones that you turn into lasting relationships. You’ll always get better results trying to deepen relationships with people you already know than starting relationships with strangers.

Here are some tips for creating closer connections:

Give your clients a call. Find out how things went with the project. Ask if there’s anything you can do to help. Don’t ask for a referral at this time.

Make personal calls to all the people who’ve helped you or referred business to you. Find ways to help them.

Put together a “hit list” of 50 people you’d like to stay in touch with. Send them a card on the next holiday, then follow up with a phone call 2 weeks later. Then you can ask for a referral.

Thanks Amos for sharing this today.

Taken from Ivan Misner BNI podcast episode 150 & 453.

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